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Disinfection Services in Downtown Los Angeles | Commercial & Industrial

Downtown Los Angeles, or "DTLA," is a central commercial and professional hub of the greater Los Angeles area.
 It is home to countless corporations, professional accounting, law, brokerage, and real estate firms and some of the city's elite workforce. It is also home to many cities and county government buildings, institutions, and offices. Lastly, the downtown area is mired with popular culinary destinations, cultural landmarks, hospitality establishments, and entertainment venues. All of these are juxtaposed in an urban jungle featuring preserved art decor and beaux-arts architectural marvels coalesced with ultra-modern high rises- residential, professional, and mixed-use complexes.
 Commercial Decontamination Services is here to provide professional, safe, and cutting edge technology to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, among all other viruses, germs & pathogens as well as both the direct and collateral damage in their wake. The ability to provide the same high-intensity UVC sterilization processing solution studied by Harvard Medical School and adopted by the country's leading hospital groups and healthcare providers to the private sector.

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